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  • Brittany Busby

    Brittany Busby

    Executive Assistant to the CEO

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    Phone: 360.980.8673

    I serve as the Executive Assistant to Brian Heerwagen. I was first introduced to DELTA Ministries when I was ten years old back in 1998. My family went to Italy with DELTA in 1998, 2000, and 2002. In 2004 I had the opportunity to go with DELTA to Fiji on another short term trip. After graduating high school in 2006 I didn’t know what I ‘wanted to do with my life’ and I knew that my walk with God needed a major make over. That following winter 2007 I participated in a 5 month long program called a Discipleship Training School (DTS) with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) inSalem, Oregon. This was where my already 12 year old relationship with God took root in my life. I discovered more about God than I knew was possible and began to discover the person that God made me to be. 

    After three months of classes in my DTS, I headed to Thailand and Cambodia for an 8 week outreach. There my heart broke forCambodia while I watched this nation still try to recover from the horrific events that took place in the 70s. While there we ministered with girls who had been rescued out of the sex industry, orphans, local churches, and other mission organizations. Out of the 13 nations I’ve been to, Cambodia is the nearest to my heart and hopefully, one of these, I will return.

    After returning home from my DTS I completed a leadership course called the Galilee Project with YWAM and came back as a staff member where I served for 3 years. I first joined the Mobilization Department due to the passion that I have to see churches in my own country and abroad involved in missions. During that year I did many trips in the Northwest, Germany, Switzerland and Mexico, mobilizing churches and my own generation into mission. Winter of 2009 I had the opportunity to staff a DTS which I also was blessed to take to Colombia. There we worked with local churches, refugees, and the YWAM ministries there. After my return in June of 2009 I was handed the responsibility of running our Registrar and Reception offices as well as helping in the Personnel Department. I served in these areas for 6 months after deciding again to staff yet another DTS winter 2010. My three short years with YWAM taught me so much about God and myself and the world of missions. During this time I had amazing opportunities around the world: planting churches, holding orphans, promoting sanitation, teaching, evangelism, intercession, and brining hope. I also had some other forms of fun along the way: climbing waterfalls, riding elephants, eating mysterious foods, navigating huge markets, and bartering.

    After a series of events I had to leave YWAM and was offered a position with DELTA. It was only then that I was reminded that long ago, back in my DTS three years ago, I had told a friend that I wanted to work with DELTA someday. I attribute my passion for missions to DELTA, for the early exposure to the needs of the world. I am honored to work with them and to serve them with the gifts and talents of administration that I believe God has blessed me with.

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  • June Cobean

    June Cobean

    Administrative Support Assistant

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    Phone: 360.397.9983
    Phone2: 360.980.8668

    Although being raised in what I describe as a non-born again denomination, I believed in Jesus Christ as my savior because my family (thanks Mom and Dad) was immersed in church activities in the Midwest.  After moving several times, I came to  Washington in 1973.  I became a born again believer in 1975 following Pastor Bill Ritchie’s move from Salmon Creek Methodist to his following God’s urging and establishing Crossroads Community Church.  My two daughters are both married, one in Oregon and one in Missouri.  They each have a son – both being challenged in their lives by medical issues with major ramifications for their learning, growth and living day to day.  However, their attitudes are contagious and uplifting to those who know them.


    Currently, my job title at DELTA is Administrative Support Assistant.  I am working on a variety of tasks focused on administrative operations and organization.  After retiring from Clark College, I volunteered at a local hospital and a local non-profit organization and assisted with several projects at Harvest Community Church in Camas, WA.  During extended leave to assist family last summer, God encouraged me to search for a more consistent in-depth service activity.  Through various conversations, people and prayer I was led to DELTA Ministries.

    I have much to learn about DELTA but I am thankful for being here, stretching my learning, working with committed and caring people and serving God during this season in this place.

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  • Matt Dennis

    Matt Dennis

    Bookkeeper/Short-Term Mission Coordinator

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    Phone: 360.980.8670

    I serve as a Short-Term Missions Assistant for DELTA. This position is my first adventure into vocational ministry, and I couldn’t be more excited to see what God has in store for me with DELTA. I recently graduated from WSU with plans to start my own business, but God made it clear to me afterward that He had other plans for me, so I am doing my best to discern and follow His will for me.

    Outside of DELTA’s ministry, I also commit time to serving on staff at Harvest Community Church’s Youth Group. I get to lead middle and high-school aged kids in pursuing a God-honoring lifestyle and walk alongside them as they strive and struggle during these critical years in their lives.

    I have never been on a short-term missions trip outside of the United States, and I never thought God would call me to missions, but His plans are far better than mine and I am brimming with anticipation because of how God has blessed me with this position. I can’t wait to be a part of building His kingdom with the DELTA team.

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  • Brian  Heerwagen

    Brian Heerwagen

    Chief Executive Officer/Short-Term Mission Coach

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    Phone: 360.980.8675

    I serve as the Chief Executive Officer for DELTA Ministries. My first short-term mission (STM) ever was on a DELTA team in 1980. I continued to go on short-term teams each year. In 1985 I was hired as the director at DELTA. At that time, I was a student at the University of Oregon in the School of Architecture. Though I don't do much with design or building buildings, much of what I learned about strategies, organization and people have helped in my leadership at DELTA.


    I have been to mission fields in 26 countries and have led or been on countless short-term teams. One of the highlights, for me, was taking Jesus to an unreached people group in the Andes Mountains of northern Argentina. Another highlight would be partnership with churches in southern Italy and participating in evangelistic ministries where we've seen so many come to Christ. And I'd have to say an added highlight would be all the missionaries that I've gotten to know over the years - I have some great friends around the world!

    My wife, Lorraine and I first met on a DELTA team in 1984. We were on a short-term ministry in Guadalajara, Mexico for an entire summer. We went back to Guadalajara again in 1985 for the whole summer. In October 1985, I proposed and in April 1986, we were married. Since then, we've continued in ministry together in our local church and on various short-term missions in the U.S. and around the world.

    God has blessed us with three amazing kids: Lindsey, Lorie and Lacie.  A good place to find our family is in the outdoors. We love to go camping, and we love to travel. Our home is known as "Grand Central Station" since there are people coming and going from there all year long (and at just about any hour). So, being who God wants us to be is the central focus in our home. From our relationship with God flows many, many great friendships with other people. We really do aim to live life abundantly and God continues to bless our family through terrific people and amazing experiences!

    Since I've been with DELTA, it's safe to say that some of my sources for motivation have changed over the years but, through all of my involvement with this ministry, one unchanging and primary motive for my ministry with DELTA is seeing people transformed from the inside out. The DELTA Mission Statement sums it up really well: "The mission of DELTA Ministries International is to be the catalyst for the local church in shaping the character of individuals for the purpose of long-term personal change and world impact."  By affecting people at the heart-level and by dealing with Biblical principles that effect our character, motives and our relationship with Christ, we continue to see people transformed. The kind of "transformed" that leads to long-term life change. One that effects other people, too!

    I serve at DELTA because our strong and practical Biblical view has a tremendous impact in my life and in the lives of my family, our staff and the thousands of others that God brings our way.

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  • Sally Heerwagen

    Sally Heerwagen

    Prayer Force Editor

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  • Ken Johnson

    Ken Johnson

    Chief Financial Officer

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    Phone: 360.980.8669

    I was appointed to the role of Business Manager of DELTA Ministries International in the fall of 2015. I serve to develop future and current financial plans for ministry and oversee their daily execution. I work in partnership with the CEO to provide tools and reports that assist in stewardship and resource discovery for ministry.

    I graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Warner Pacific College in 2009. Prior to attending Warner Pacific I obtained a degree in Youth Ministry from Columbia Bible College in British Columbia, Canada.  My passion is to combine my knowledge and experience in the business world and my love for Christ and growing the Kingdom.

    I began my missions experience through YWAM where my time was focused on ministering to the people of Nepal. In addition to YWAM I have served on several short-term missions both overseas and within urban centers in both Canada and the US.


    I am happily married to my best friend Crystal who challenges me daily to be the man God has called me to be. We are looking forward to serving together.


    God has clearly opened doors to bring me to DELTA and I am excited to answer the call. I look forward to growing with alongside the people of God who are dedicated to furthering the Kingdom though DELTA Ministries.

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  • Kathy Mort

    Kathy Mort

    Director of Curriculum and Training/Short-Term Mission Coach

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    Phone: 401.439.5891

    I am thrilled to join DELTA Ministries after spending over thirty years in public education. During most of those years I taught middle and high school. After receiving my doctorate in educational leadership, I worked as a high school assistant principal of curriculum, instruction, and assessment, a middle school principal, and district coordinator of professional development. Most of my formal training has been in the area of education. My undergraduate work was in secondary education. I then earned a master’s degree in reading, followed many years later by the doctorate. 

    In the early eighties I took a leave of absence from teaching to attend Columbia Graduate School of Bible and Missions (now Columbia International University) because I wanted to go on the mission field. The Lord did not lead me to pursue a career in missions at that time, however. After doing adult literacy work in a village and teaching at ELWA Academy in Liberia, West Africa on a one year, short-term assignment, I returned to public education, but my desire was still to serve the Lord in the area of missions in some capacity. 

    I volunteered as a member of program staff with DELTA Ministries for a number of years during summers in the early nineties. I am currently actively involved in my church and have led a number of church-based mission trips, where church members work alongside missionaries we support. God’s timing is perfect. It is an answer to prayer to join DELTA Ministries as a staff member.

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  • Tory Ruark

    Tory Ruark

    Chief Operations Officer/Short-Term Mission Coach

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    Phone: 360.356.3759

    As Chief Operations Officer and a short-term mission coach, it is my privilege to provide organizational leadership to DELTA and to serve churches through short-term mission trip preparation and training. The Lord called me to this role through a love for the church and seeing His Body love Him and love others through action as well as words. My first mission trip was my freshman in college in 1998 when I went to Ensenada, Mexico over Thanksgiving weekend. To this day, I still cannot say what made me decide to go, but it certainly changed me forever.

    I have served with short-term mission teams in Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Ecuador, Haiti, Zimbabwe, and Italy. However, the highlight of my mission involvement was having the opportunity to live in Ensenada with a pastor for a summer. I learned more about God, myself, and being a Christian in a country other than the United States during that one summer than all of my years combined! I thank God for all He has brought me through and I take joy in using my experiences and what God has taught me as a way of discipling missionaries in their journey towards Christ-likeness.

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  • Melissa  White

    Melissa White

    Short-Term Mission Coordinator/IMN U.S.A. Coordinator

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    Phone: 360.980.8674
    Fax: 360.980.8674

    I am excited to join DELTA as a Short-Term Missions Assistant. It has always been a pleasure to see others grow in their relationship with the Lord and my desire to serve started when I first went on mission trips to Mexico. I never anticipated myself working in ministry but over the past few years God has worked in my heart and provided a great opportunity to share what I have with others.

    My first mission trip with DELTA was in 2012 where I spent ten days in Uganda. I had the opportunity to connect with Asher and experience the mission field from a whole new perspective. During my time abroad my heart opened up and I let God in on a deeper level. He has shown me the joy in touching others lives and that is what I want to accomplish by being a part of the DELTA team.

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To mobilize means to put into movement. DELTA puts individuals, churches, schools and partners into movement to accomplish The Great Commission. This movement is from a home, pew, or seat to a field location around the world. Since 1979, DELTA has put 10,000 individuals and over 1,000 churches, schools and ministries into 100 countries and 30 US states.

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A coach is one who instructs or trains. DELTA provides churches, partner ministries, schools, team leaders, and host missionaries a personal coach that comes alongside to train and guide them on both general missions and short-term mission endeavors. A DELTA coach will meet face-to-face, by phone, video or email to equip for excellence.

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A resource is a source of supply or support. DELTA provides resources such as curriculum, webinars, tools, digital downloads, articles, blogs, referrals and more. All of these resources have been developed by experienced and skilled short-term and general mission practitioners.

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